If Your Sunday Nights Are Ruined by Thoughts of Monday Mornings, Listen Up

Here’s how not to end your weekend on a whimper. These tips come from Libby Gill, life coach and author of Traveling Hopefully: How to Jump Start Your Life.

  • First, spread out the excitement. Schedule some social events during the week, so you have things to look forward to–Like, Monday movie night. Or make Sunday your party night. Invite pals over to watch “Desperate Housewives,” cook dinner, or do whatever makes you happy. Just make sure not to party too hearty or too far into the night. After all, you do have to work tomorrow!
  • Another way to salvage your Sunday is to skip the out-of-control “to-do” list. Instead, try scattering your errands throughout the week, or do them in off-hours, whenever possible–For example, grocery stores are mostly empty on Friday nights. That way, you won’t be wiped out before your week even starts on Monday morning!
  • And finally, if your Sundays are consumed by worry thinking about what’s waiting for you at work nip it in the bud and distract yourself with something fun. But if your stomach is still tied in knots, try this: Leave yourself a voice mail message at work, laying out the problem, and your proposed solution. For example, your latest project is stalled, and you want to schedule a brainstorming conference call. What does this do? Coming up with a concrete solution helps clear your mind so you can relax, and get the last drop of fun out of your well-deserved weekend.


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