Super Bowl Sunday Etiquette

Super Bowl Sunday is here! And if you’re lucky, you’ll be heading to someone ELSE’S house for the game. In this case, the etiquette gurus say you shouldn’t show up empty handed bring a dish or a beverage and make sure there’s enough so everyone at the party gets at least one serving–But if you’re HOSTING the get-together, there’s a little more pressure. So here are some simple tips from Ladies Home Journal that’ll help make sure everyone has a great time–

  • Make the start and end times of the party clear to your guests when you invite them. You don’t want people coming and going during the game.
  • Make sure your TV is in a separate area from where you’re serving food, so people who don’t want to watch the game won’t compete with the noise from the television.
  • And finally, to make sure your Super Bowl party is a hit go with the theme. The big game is being held in Houston this year, so to fit with the Southwestern theme, decorate your table with little cacti. You can give them away as party favors when the guests leave–

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