Target Is Now Selling Handheld OREGON TRAIL Players for $25

Target has sold plenty of cool, geeky merch over the years, but they’ve completely outdone themselves this time. They’re now selling an exclusive Oregon Trail handheld for just $25.

Can you already play Oregon Trail on your smartphone? Of course you can. Plenty of the titles that are out there are free, too. Annoyingly, lots of them are packed with ads and push DLC on you — and while there’s nothing wrong with polished, high-res graphics, some games just work better with simple, low-color visuals.

Even if the remakes try to be faithful to the original, it’s just not the same experience on a sleek, sexy smartphone that it is on a chunky, retro-styled handheld with fat, satisfyingly-clicky buttons. Look at that thing. It’s so unafraid of bezels that it has two of them, just like the CRT that used to sit on top of my family’s first computer.

Whoever made this thing for Target really tried to turn the nostalgia up to 11. To get the fun started, you have to “push” the floppy disk into the “drive”… how awesome is that?

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