Three Preventable Fires In Mankato Over Holidays

The Mankato Department of Public Safety’s “Keep the wreath bright, prevent a red light” campaign ended with three preventable fires with an estimated combined loss of $127,000 and no fire-related injuries.

One of the fires was started by a faulty dishwasher. Another was sparked by the storage of plastic containers in the bottom drawer of a stove. The third was from careless smoking.

“Keep the wreath bright, prevent a red light” is designed to help remind people of fire risks. The goal is to keep the wreath displayed at the Public Safety Center lit with clear bulbs, since red bulbs represent preventable fires and blue bulbs represent preventable injuries.

The campaign runs annually from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

Last year there was one preventable fire during the holidays in Mankato. In 2015, there were none.


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