Trump Gets Chachi’s Endorsement!!??

Scott Baio is going to speak at the Republican National Convention this week — and the Internet isn’t happy about it.  The Charles in Charge star publicly endorsed Donald Trump earlier this year. Apparently Trump was listening, because Baio says the presumptive presidential nominee hand-picked him to give the big speech after they recently met at a fundraiser.  Once the news broke, Trump haters pounced on the onetime Chachi.

Here’s what people on Twitter are saying:

  • “Was @KirkCameron not available?”
  • “So Scott Baio is a featured speaker at the GOP Convention for @realDonaldTrump. At least Mitt Romney was able to get Clint Eastwood.”
  • “I hope Donald Trump appoints Scott Baio the ‘Charles in Charge of Making America Great Again’ at the convention.”

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