Valentine’s Day Is The Best Day To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Lots of lovey-dovey couples spent Valentine’s Day having a fancy dinner and doing some serious cuddling. After all, it’s a day to show your love! But did you also know that it’s the best day to catch a cheating spouse? Tony Delorenzo works for Private Detectives of America. And he says February 14th is the biggest day of the year for private investigations.

That’s because it’s the one day that cheaters will battle all odds to be with their secret partner. If a man is cheating, he knows he won’t be able to stay in his mistress’s good graces if he doesn’t try to see her, for even just a little while. And if a woman is cheating, she’ll jump through hoops to make time for her secret love.

So what are the signs of a cheating mate? There’s the surprise “business trip”, a late meeting at the office, a depressed friend who needs a shoulder to cry on last minute, and unexplained gifts. So what’s the cost of catching a cheating spouse? Delorenzo’s company charges $650 dollars for 5 hours of surveillance. Or you can save a little money and check out the book Is He Cheating On You? 829 Tell Tale Signs.

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