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BRIDEZILLAS Returns in Trailer for Season 11

Prepare for taffeta tantrums and pre-nuptial meltdowns because Bridezillas is coming back to TV.

Five years after the outrageous reality show wrapped, the brides from hell are back in a reboot of the WE tv series. And, boy, are they back with a bang — seriously, one bride is even wielding a shotgun.

In the exclusive trailer above, the betrothed beauties bawl, flip tables, and threaten anyone who gets in their way. One added bonus of the 2018 return? Now there’s social media to make things more interesting, with the wives-to-be adding cyberbullying to their list of marital qualities. But we’re sure in the end it’ll be the best day of their lives!

Bridezillas returns for season 11 on Friday, March 2 at 9 pm with 10 new hour-long episodes.

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