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Toddler’s Reaction to First Sip of Coke is Priceless!

Babies trying food for the first time is nearly always pure internet-reaction gold, whether it’s to let them in on one of life’s joys (see: baconfried chicken) or just to give them a harmless shock with a flavor they might not at first like (see: lemons). But what if something skirts the line between weird and delicious?
So seems to be the case with Evie, a toddler who recently had her first sip of Coca Cola from McDonald’s. After all, habitual soda drinkers may forget that the sensation of drinking carbonated beverages can feel weird, if not downright unappealing, to the uninitiated. But also… Coke is delicious. So how’s a baby to feel about all this?
The video, first shared by Evie’s father, Reddit user Earthos83, contains all the drama of a multi-part limited-run TV series as Evie goes from intrigued… to overwhelmed… to weirded out… to delighted beyond reckoning. It’s certainly the best possible result of sharing a Coke that we can imagine.


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