WEIRD NEWS: Woman Finds Her One-Carrot Diamond Ring

An elderly woman who lost her diamond engagement ring 13 years ago while weeding in her family farm, miraculously got it back after it was found… in a carrot.

Mary Grams of Alberta, Canada remembers crawling around in the dirt searching for the ring after it slipped off her finger, but it was never found and she assumed it was gone forever. She replaced the ring she had worn since 1951 and forgot all about it.

Last week, her daughter-in-law was picking carrots and was stunned when one she pulled out of the ground had the ring on it. In fact, the carrot had grown inside of the ring. The photo of it is amazing. It actually looks like a finger with a ring on it. Grams, who lost her husband five years ago, says she will put the found ring back on her finger.


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