Over 150 New Emojis for 2018 Finally Represent Redheads, the Elderly, and Bald

The Unicode Consortium released the Emoji 11.0 list of 157 new emojis to be debuting likely in the second half of 2018 earlier this week, and Emojipedia has created previews of what the new designs might look like in an “Apple-like style.” Classic round face style emojis will now see a “party-faced” emoji, “pleading face,” “woozy face,” and “smiling face with three hearts” — as well as long overdue hot and cold faces.

As far as the new human-like emojis go: redheads, curly hair, white-hair, bald, superheroes, and super-villains are all finally represented — all presented male and female, in a range of skin tones including the classic yellow. There are also disembodied legs, feet, tooth, and bone; so serial killers finally get their long overdue representation.

The rest of the list as is follows:

Goggles, Lab Coat, Hiking Boot, Woman’s Flat Shoe, Raccoon, Llama, Hippopotamus, Kangaroo, Badger, Swan, Peacock, Parrot, Lobster, Mosquito, Microbe, Mango, Leafy Green, Bagel, Salt, Moon Cake, Cupcake, Compass, Bricks, Skateboard, Luggage, Firecracker, Red Gift Envelope, Softball, Flying Disc, Lacrosse, Nazar Amulet, Jigsaw, Teddy Bear, Chess Pawn, Abacus, Receipt, Toolbox, Magnet, Test Tube, Petri Dish, DNA, Fire Extinguisher, Lotion Bottle, Thread, Yarn, Safety Pin, Broom, Basket, Roll of Paper, Soap, Sponge, Infinity, Pirate Flag

The new additions will bring the total count of emojis to a whopping 2,823.

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