3 Arrested After Early Morning Mettler’s Brawl

Three people were arrested after a brawl at a downtown strip club early Saturday morning.

Sgt Jessie Gilbertson says charges are pending for those arrested during the incident, which occurred between around 1:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. at Mettler’s on South Front St

Gilbertson said officers were called to the bar for a report of a large fight in the bar area.  Police arrested a man who had punched a bartender, then began brawling with other patrons, according to police.  During the arrest, Gilbertson said someone interfered and assaulted an officer.  That person was also taken into custody.

A third person who tried to “interject himself into the incident” was arrested as well, said Gilbertson.

Police say possible charges for the three range from criminal disorderly conduct, assault, and obstruction of justice.

Source:  southernminnesotanews.com