4 Lifesaving Questions To Ask Your Doctor

What’s the most important thing you can do during your next check-up? Ask your doctor questions. That’s because doctors usually only spend 10 minutes with each patient, and mostly on the physical exam. So, here are 4 potentially lifesaving questions to ask at your next check-up:

  • First: What’s my BMI? BMI stands for “body mass index” and it’s a measure that tells you how appropriate your weight is for your height. Your BMI also reveals whether or not you’re at increased risk for everything from diabetes to heart disease.

  • Another question to ask: Should I get the shingles vaccine? A lot of people assume that shots are only for kids. But there are dozens of vaccines that adults should get, like for shingles, Hepatitis B, and tetanus. And if you don't ask, your doctor could forget to review what you’ve had and what you need.

  • The next question to ask your doctor: Is there anything in my family history I should be concerned about? Knowing which health issues you’re at a high risk of developing, like cancer or heart disease, makes it much easier to spot symptoms and prevent those problems. Plus, getting treated earlier could be a lifesaver.

  • And the final question to ask your doctor: What’s one lifestyle habit should I change? This is an opportunity for your doctor to tell you exactly what your big issue is, and for you to focus on improving that one bad habit. Like you need to sleep more, stop eating junk food, or control your stress levels.