MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Authorities have identified the fifth person who died in an apartment fire in Minneapolis.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner says 32-year-old Tyler Baron died of smoke inhalation after Wednesday morning’s fire in the public housing high-rise.

The four other victims were previously identified as 59-year-old Jerome Stewart, 67-year-old Nadifa Mohamud, 69-year-old Maryan Mohamed Mohamud and 78-year-old Amatalah Adam.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated. Fire Chief John Fruetel told reporters Wednesday that investigators believe it was an accident but didn’t explain why.

Fruetel said the fire had been burning for a while before firefighters arrived. Most of the building did not have a sprinkler system, and the Minneapolis Public Authority says it wasn’t required to have sprinklers, due to its age.

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