6 Things That Make Men Lose Interest

There are no universal rules to love, but there are some pretty consistent rules of thumb. Act a certain way and you’ll be sure to repel men before they have the chance to get to know you.

It’s most important to be yourself and listen to your heart, but there are some common mistakes that you should watch out for. Here are six things that you should avoid if you want to keep him around.

1. Getting clingy early in the relationship

When you’re excited about a new relationship, it can be hard to take things slowly. However, it’s important that you do so in order to let the relationship mature slowly.  Getting too serious too quickly can be a major turnoff. Even if he likes you to begin with, he’ll look for a way out as soon as possible if you suffocate him.

2. Posting too much to social media

People often have good intentions when they post photos of their partner on social media. If you do it too much though, he’ll start to get tired of it.  For one, he may not be comfortable having every aspect of his life shared with all your friends and family. For two, it can indicate that you care less about the relationship itself and more about the appearance of the relationship. Avoid this issue by unplugging every once in a while and giving him your full attention.

3. Talking about your ex

Sometimes, this is unavoidable. You may have an important story and your ex may play a prominent role in it; occasionally bringing up an ex is fine.

You start to raise red flags when your ex shows up in stories on a daily basis. This becomes even more problematic when it seems like you’re fondly remembering the days when you talk about him. Everybody has exes, but it’s usually best to talk about them as little as possible.

4. Never paying for dates

Even though it’s 2017, we still find it romantic when a man pays for the date. However, women should reciprocate occasionally to show that they’re willing to contribute, too.  If you never pay for dates, it sends the wrong signal. He may think that you’re just interested in being pampered and not interest in a mutually giving relationship.

5. Talking trash on his friends

At a certain point, you can say how you really feel about your partner’s good buddies. That time does not occur until well into a relationship.  If you don’t like his friends, keep it to yourself. Maybe they’ll grow on you (or maybe they’ll move away). One thing is for sure: Saying unkind things about a man’s friends will force him to choose sides, and that’s not a good thing to have to do early in a relationship.

6. Mothering him

If you cook, clean, and do other domestic housework for your man, it could backfire. Even though it’s done with good intentions, it can come off as pushy or smothering.  Most men want a woman to enjoy adventures and fun times with—not someone to baby him. In rare instances, like when he has a cold, you can safely pamper your man, but once he’s well, lay off.

Source:  urbo.com



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