6 Things Men Should Never Tell Their Girlfriends

Honesty is the best policy, and this saying stands in its truest form when it comes to relationships. You two should always be honest with each other but what kind of honesty is it if a trivial statement could break someone’s heart or make your beloved upset.

There is a blurred line between being blunt and being honest. In order to make that line more clear, there are few truths that you should keep to yourself and not tell your girlfriend at all.

1. That You Are Jealous

Jealousy is a petty thing but an emotion that can’t be controlled. Maybe your girlfriend has a guy friend that she is close to or someone might be eyeing her in a flirty way, and you get jealous at the very hint of it. You don’t want to, but you do feel that way. There is absolutely no point of telling your girl about this because jealousy comes off as insecurity which is an ugly feeling and might turn your relationship sour.

2. She Looks Fat In That Dress

If she is happy with herself in a cute dress, you have no right to make her feel any other way. It’s her body, and it’s her choice, and you need to get comfortable with her choices. You cannot make her feel small by bluntly speaking about everything that ‘you’ feel. What she is feeling, is equally important.

3. You Are Strong Silent Type

No matter what type you are, you are still a human being. Men tend to hide their emotion to be portrayed as strong species, but you feel sentiments too. Show your feelings to her rather than coming out as an emotionally closed up person. Shed that strong and silent image and be vulnerable before her. It will make your bond stronger.

4. Lying About Your Income

Whether you are lying that its more or your are lying that it’s less, it is equally wrong either way. Love has got nothing to do with money, and if you have to lie about how much you are earning then buddy, you might be in a wrong relationship.

5. Your Parents Don’t Like Her

Really, you two have to spend your life and time together. Even if your parents don’t like her, don’t break her heart by telling her this. She might be trying her level best, and as we all know, it is always hard to please Indian parents. Try to arrange a dinner with all of you together. Maybe that is one Valentine gift in India that you can gift her, your parent’s approval.

6. She Doesn’t Look Good Without Makeup

I have said it before, and I will say it again, “It’s her life!” Let her live the way she wants too. She wants to put make up, fine! She doesn’t want to put makeup, even better! You have to get comfortable with her looks and skin. If you can’t, just leave her to be with a better person.

Love her and appreciate her and don’t do anything that might hurt her. The Valentine’s Day is approaching, she must be browsing every Valentine gifts for him section on every website. Reciprocate her with a cute gift and love.

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