Amazon Will Now Deliver a Tiny House Directly to Your Door

No longer content to just deliver everything under the sun to your house, Amazon will now deliver you an actual house. A shipping container house to be specific. MODS International has now made their shipping container home shockingly easy to order, all it takes is a few clicks and small space sustainable living can be yours.

Proving that Amazon wants to be the Sears catalog of this generation, we’re not all that surprised that there’s finally a house for purchase via the retail giant. I mean, we’ve found (and bought) some pretty weird stuff on Amazon ourselves.

As they are, these 320 square foot homes are somewhat bare bones, but they come complete with all the appliances, bath fixtures and hookups for plumbing, water and electric. The house will cost you a cool $36,000 plus $4,500 for freight shipping as it sadly falls out of the boundaries of 2 day Prime.

Shipping containers are a great, environmentally friendly way to live small and they’re are pretty adaptable too. You can start with your specially delivered home and customize it to truly make it your own.

And for city dwellers with an eye for container living, never fear, upscale urban container mansions are now a real thing.




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