Bartenders Offer Up Their Best Advice

Insider surveyed a cross-section of mixologists, and they offered some advice on how to avoid blowing cash on your next pub crawl. The pointers include:

  • Don’t buy wine by the glass. The cost of a bottle is typically less than the cost of four glasses, so if you buy a bottle, you can get more for your money.
  • Don’t order top-shelf tequila shots. If you’re going to take shots, go for well spirits. Premium tequila and mezcals are meant to be sipped.
  • Always ask for well vodka in a bloody Mary. Choosing a vodka one level up from the well for a bloody Mary can turn it from a $14 drink to a $22 drink, and the vodka flavor is totally masked
  • Order from the bottom of the menu. Restaurants tend to put the cocktails with the biggest profit margins at the top or in the middle of the list.