(Mankato, MN) – Resurfacing has begun on the Burger King parking lot in Mankato.

The fast-food stop on North Riverfront Drive had recently become a popular subject of mockery by locals who were fed up with the cratered lot.

SMN talked to store manager Steve, who said the drive-thru will be closed until the repairs are completed.  He said he was not authorized to give information regarding the estimated completion date.

WW Blacktopping of Mankato is the contractor for the project.

As the Burger King lot became locally famous for its treacherous drive, a plethora of pothole-scarred lots in the greater Mankato area were revealed by jolted residents.   The outcry, in turn, inspired a “Mankato Pothole Summer Tour 2019,” by a local photographer.

Now that things are leveling off at Burger King, Mankato residents could join forces and set their sights on another lot in need of repair.

Long John Silver’s, ahoy?

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