Caution Urged After Creepy Mankato Parking Lot Encounter Between Woman & Stranger

A word of warning for women in the Mankato area after a frightening confrontation this week in the Midwest Plaza parking lot.

Jenny Schmidt says she had pulled in Thursday morning to pick up some photos she was having developed.  She was early, so was sitting in her car when a man walked up and tried to open the passenger side door. It was locked, so he then walked to the driver’s side and asked her to roll down her window. Schmidt did not and she says the man got irritated and then tried to open her driver’s side door. It was locked.

Schmidt says the man then asked what seemed like an odd question about her vehicle…and left abruptly.

Schmidt filed a police report and is sharing the story to make others aware of the possible dangers. And this incident has led more people to tell their own stories of similar incidents in other parking lots in Mankato and in other towns.

In Schmidt’s case, she wrote down everything she remembered about the man right away. She says was he a white male in his 50’s, about 5’9, slightly heavier set, with dark hair with a little gray in it. He was wearing blue jeans with a spring-type blue zip up jacket and driving a brand new-looking white pickup.

Anyone with possible information about the incident can contact Mankato Police at 507-387-8700.


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