(Waseca, MN) – Police say a Janesville man was under the influence of alcohol when he rolled his vehicle on a cold winter night, leading to amputations for his girlfriend.
Justin Lynn Miller, 33, was charged Monday in Waseca County Court with felony counts of criminal vehicular operation and misdemeanor DWI.
According to the criminal complaint, Miller rolled his vehicle at the intersection of 378th Street and 90th Street in Waseca County on March 3rd.  Air temperatures were recorded at -15 degrees, with wind chill values at -35 degrees, according to police.
Court documents say Miller walked into a home and woke a man sleeping in his living room.  Miller told the man his girlfriend, Cosette Nelson, was still inside the vehicle.  The man called police to report the crash, and told dispatchers he believed Miller had been drinking.
When police arrived on the scene, they discovered Nelson huddled outside of the pickup wearing a thin tank top, jeans, and sneakers.  Police say she was incoherent, lethargic, hypothermic, and already suffering from severe frostbite.  Miller was also suffering from mild frostbite and hypothermia.  Both were transported to North Memorial hospital, where Nelson was later airlifted to Regions Hospital in St. Paul.
Court documents say Nelson required amputation of all the toes on her left foot and on fingers of both hands.
According to the criminal complaint, a blood draw put Miller’s blood alcohol content was .12.  However, police say his BAC would have been “significantly higher,” if not for the saline injection he received when he arrived at the hospital.
Miller has been summoned to appear in Waseca County Court on September 17th.

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