(North Mankato, MN) – A North Mankato woman was arrested and jailed Monday after accusations that she’d threatened a shoot staff at Dakota Meadows Middle School.

Rebecca Kump, 34, was charged with felony terroristic threats in Nicollet County Court following the alleged November 11 incident.

According to the criminal complaint, a staff member from the school’s special education department reported to police that he had a conversation with Kump via telephone about her daughter’s education.  Kump allegedly told him that her daughter would likely not be attending school at Dakota Meadows any longer, because she felt the girl was being bullied and school staff wasn’t doing anything about it.

The staff member said Kump then told him: “don’t be surprised when I come to this f**king school and shoot every f**king adult in the building because no one gives a f**k about the kids.”  Kump then repeated her threat, according to the complaint.

Court documents say the school immediately began preparations to place the school on lockdown.

Police officers went to Kump’s residence and advised her she was under arrests for the statements she’d made, according to the complaint.

Kump told police she didn’t specifically threaten to shoot anyone in the school.

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