(Fairmont, MN) – A Sherburn man faces criminal charges after he apparently turned himself in to police for groping two young relatives.

Ronald Dean Trueblood, Sr., 56, was charged in Martin County Court Tuesday with three counts of felony criminal sexual conduct by a person of authority.

According to the criminal complaint, Trueblood called Sherburn/Welcome Police November 16 to turn himself in for child molestation.  The Martin County Sheriff called Trueblood’s home and spoke to his wife, who told police a 14-year-old relative disclosed that Trueblood had touched her breasts multiple times.  When the girl’s guardian confronted Trueblood, he admitted to the touching the 14-year-old, and also revealed he had touched another relative, 13-years-old in the same manner, according to the complaint.

In a police interview, Trueblood admitted that he would purposely touch the 13-year-old’s breast when they were play fighting or roughhousing.  He admitted doing the same to the 14-year-old girl, but said it didn’t happen as often because he didn’t have as much opportunity.  Trueblood told police he’d been touching both girls for the past six to ten months.

Police say one of the victims was under the age of 13 when the touching began.  Trueblood is in a position of authority over both victims, according to the complaint.

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