Charges: St. Peter Bowling Alley Owner Intentionally Set His Business On Fire

A St. Peter bowling alley owner is accused of setting his business on fire intentionally.

Dwight Lee Selders, 47, of Le Sueur, has been charged with felony first and second-degree counts of arson in Nicollet County Court.

In February, Selders’ business, KingPins Bowling Center in St. Peter, was completely destroyed by fire.

Selders told investigators he had been working on a pinsetter when he set a towel on fire, then threw it into a bucket that contained rags with flammable liquids.  Selders admitted to seeing a fire in the bowling lanes as he locked up the business, but didn’t call 911, according to court documents.  He denied starting the fire intentionally.

Selders’ ex-girlfriend told investigators she had ended their professional relationship just days before the fire.