Covid-19: Contacts vs. Glasses?

Put away your contact lens and stick with your glasses. Because, according to the Journal Of The American Medical Association, Ophthalmology, people who wear glasses are five times less likely to contract COVID.

To reach this conclusion, a team of researchers studied hundreds of coronavirus patients – but only 6% of the patients in study group were glasses-wearers, wearing their glasses for nearsightedness. Well, the rate of nearsightedness in the location where the study was conducted is 31%. A much larger percentage than what was represented in the group of coronavirus patients. So, the study indicates that people who wear glasses are five times less likely to contract COVID.

And that makes sense, since the eyes are one of three mucosal surfaces where COVID can enter your body. The other two are your nose and mouth. And recent studies have shown that enzymes that are produced in the eye make them especially susceptible to COVID.

That’s why the American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests that contact lens wearers take a break from their lenses and wear glasses until this is all over.