It’s A Damned Lie, Says Rep. Tony Cornish On Sexual Harassment Claims

State Representative Tony Cornish (GOP-Vernon Center) says the sexual harassment allegations made against him by a female lobbyist are “a damned lie.”

The unnamed lobbyist says Cornish propositioned her for sex dozens of times and made unwanted advances.  That includes once incident where he allegedly tried to kiss her and another where she says he told her he had a “raging boner” and asked her to look at it.

Cornish tells SMN that while he isn’t a saint, the incidents as described by the lobbyist “never happened, not even close” He says he never requested sex and he never forced her to look at parts of him. He says the lobbyist’s claims are a bald-faced lie.

As far as the text messages that he sent her, Cornish says he was seeking a possible relationship, which never happened.

State Representative Erin Maye Quade also says she was sexually harassed by Cornish, with text messages saying how good she looked and how he got caught staring at her. Cornish says the messages were a poor attempt at humor with a colleague and he apologized for them.


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