Donations Flood in After 1st Grader Poignantly Asks Santa for Food and a Blanket for Christmas

A first grade teacher felt compelled to share and help a student after reading that what she really wanted from Santa was food, a blanket and a ball.

Ruth Espiricueta at Monte Cristo Elementary in Edinburg, Texas, asked her class to write a letter about their needs and wants— and one letter in particular touched her heart.

After Espiricueta posted the letter on Facebook, neighbors and friends immediately came forward to ask how they could help not just young Crystal Pacheco, but others at the school.

“This makes me very sad. When your students ask for food, blankets, or a bed instead of toys,” Espiricueta wrote on Facebook. “As a teacher it breaks my heart when I hear them ask for things that we sometimes take for granted.”

When she asked for a blanket, “it just broke my heart” Espiricueta said.

“It made me realize that some of these kids don’t have anything to stay warm at night,” she added. “They sleep on the floor.”

Pacheco’s mother, Maria Isabel Cortez, told the news outlet that the ball was meant to be a gift for her brother.

“She wrote the card thinking about her brother, she said she wanted the ball to play with him, food to have food at the house and a blanket because the house is too cold,” she said.

After the outpouring of support, Espiricueta wrote another post on Facebook with a goal of raising 724 blankets for the students. On Saturday, she let people know they have already surpassed their goal.

“Our students will be able to stay warm during these cold nights,” she wrote. “I am so happy for Crystal and her family. She is happy her friends will also be receiving a blanket. Our students have many needs but it’s amazing to see people coming together to help them. Thank you! May God Bless you and Merry Christmas.”

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