Drive-Thru Haunted Houses Are Coming!

Well, it looks like we’ll be seeing more drive-ins this fall: This time, it’ll be drive in haunted houses! They’re already taking place in Tokyo, where an event production company has created a haunted house in a parking garage.

Once guests arrive at the garage in their car, they turn off the engine and the garage door closes, so the car is in total darkness. The drivers receive a set of Bluetooth speakers and hear a scary story. And throughout the next 15 minutes, blood-soaked ghosts and zombies press up against the windows and rock the car.

Before the car enters the haunted house, the outside is sanitized to minimize risks for the zombie actors, and afterward, the fake blood and germs are wiped off before guests drive away.

And summer is actually prime time for scary movies and haunted houses in Japan. That’s because the Japanese believe the chill you feel from being scared and getting goose bumps will cool you down during hot and humid months.

But expect to see drive-in haunted houses this fall, here in North America.