Funny Walmart Grocery Order Mistake Goes Viral

This is why decimal points are so important … A TikTok user has gone viral for sharing a funny mistake that was made with her Walmart grocery order. TikTok user @courtneydeemss says her order included a .25 pound package of cheese, but when Walmart delivered her order, it included more than 25 pounds of cheese.

Her video, which has received more than a million views, includes the caption, “When I ordered .25lb of cheese and Walmart sent me 30lbs.” In the comments she added, “The worst part is I have to show up to Walmart customer service tomorrow for a refund.” Other commenters shared their own amusing stories of wrong orders including one who wrote, “I asked for 5 pears once and got five 10lb bags of pears and he asked me, ‘Do you work for a church or something?'”