Grandma Accidentally Buys 6-Year-Old the Most Inappropriate Book Ever

Don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s the lesson Geri Hoeft learned when she picked up a copy of If Animals Could Talk for her 6-year-old granddaughter Emmersyn at Barnes and Noble. You see, despite the kid-friendly title, the story is actually intended for a more mature audience — something Hoeft would have quickly discovered had she turned to page one.

Emmersyn’s mother, Tiffany, took to social where she showed photos of the gaffe, and the situation quickly went viral. “I’m dying,” Tiffany tweeted on Tuesday, October 3.

“Emmersyn and my husband sat down to read it,” Tiffany tells Us Weekly. “But as she was trying to sound out the word ‘aight’ on the page with the chick, my husband looked ahead because he thought ‘aight’ was a weird word for a kid’s book.” That’s when Emmersyn’s dad, Cody, discovered the book was filled with cocaine jokes, curses and vaginas.

“He was like, ‘Did your mom get this as a joke?’” Tiffany tells Us. “He brought it over to me and we were in tears laughing. Then they called Hoeft and read the book to her over the phone.

“She was mortified but also laughing,” Tiffany says. “She said she was getting magazines for my dad and saw it on the display table and figured it would be a good book for Emmy. Clearly mistaken!”

Josh Cassidy, who wrote the book, saw a silver lining. “haha. I appreciate Granny’s taste,” he tweeted on Tuesday. “Maybe you can regift on your 6 yr old’s 18th?”




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