Here’s What Our Post-Pandemic Homes Will Look Like

Now that we’ve been forced to quarantine, homes have had to become offices, schoolhouses, video conference rooms, home gyms and more!

So here’s what our post-pandemic homes will look like.

Experts predicts we’ll want more walls. In recent years, open floor plans have been all the rage. But in a home with two adults, school-age kids, and maybe a boomerang adult child – all living under one roof – finding someplace private has become important.

Flex rooms may also become more common. Those are rooms that can be customized to serve multiple purposes. Like a home office that doubles as a bedroom for guests, when entertaining becomes a thing again.

And with so many people living together, there may be a boom in soundproofing.

And professor O’Rourke predicts homeowners will want a separate space for aging parents or adult children who have to move home. Like tiny houses in backyards, or even converted shipping containers.

And realtors are already seeing an uptick in interest in one area: Couples who work from home want dedicated office space.

As far as apartment buildings, the University of Texas College of Architecture, Construction and Planning foresees changes to building codes requiring an enlargement of so-called “pinch points” where people come in close contact to one another. Like mail areas, hallways and elevator waiting areas.