Hey, Ladies – Still Looking For That Perfect Gift For The Man In Your Life?

  • Just starting to date? If you’ve only gone out with him a couple of times, try something thoughtful, but don’t over-invest. A home-baked goody is always thoughtful, and you’ll show him you can cook, too! Or buy him your favorite book but probably not a romance novel. A book will show your intellectual side, and give you something to talk about. But stay away from anything commitment-oriented. No jewelry, and for heavens sake, no boxer shorts!
  • If you and your guy are dating exclusively, try the cooking thing. But make it a romantic dinner for two, with candles, flowers and the works. You can give him the invitation as his gift. You can also try a sweet treat, like some fancy chocolates. Or if you’ve got the bucks, a digital camera, so he can take lots of pictures of the two of you. But DON’T get him something cold or impersonal. No wallets and no ties! Save those for your boss.
  • And the last tip for shopping for that special man in your life what to get for the office crush. If there’s a guy you’ve had your eye on at the workplace, go easy. Keep the gift cool and casual, so you don’t end up with eggnog on your face if the feelings aren’t reciprocated. Baking is a good thing, but try making cookies for the whole office. Then give him one as his own special treat. If you want a gift you can wrap, try a CD. But don’t give him anything personal! Save that for next year – when you’re an item. So if you’ve been having trouble with those gifts for guys, now you’ve got some pointers.
    You’re welcome!

Source:  tesh.com

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