Holiday Trends Amid Coronavirus

Here’s what the chief economist for the National Retail Federation is forecasting for the holiday season.

First, stores will have in-and-out floor plans, so people can grab a gift and get out quickly. The National Retail Federation says, when people go shopping these days, they’re not browsing, they’re on a mission. And stores should have staff ready to quickly point customers in the right direction.

There will also be more curbside pickup. And instead of hiring extra sales people, stores should hire shopping assistants, who run through the store to get items people want for curbside pickup or delivery. And a HUGE hiring surge is being predicted for this.

As far as what we’ll be buying, the National Retail Federation says we’ll be spending money on things for our homebody / nesting lifestyle. So they’re expecting a big uptick in the home entertainment category, remote-learning tools like iPads and laptops, and other gifts that reflect stay-at-home lifestyles. People won’t be buying festive outfits for holiday parties… but they will be buying more pajamas, slippers, and cozy sweaters for relaxing at home.