How To Answer Tricky First Date Questions!

Hey guys, ever wonder why some first dates go horribly wrong before dinner even starts? Experts say it’s because women ask some tricky questions so they can learn more about you. But what they learn may completely turn them off! So, don’t blow it. Here are some critical first-date questions, and how to answer them:

  • “What are we doing tonight?” Experts say this question gives women the first hint of your interest level. Because if you answer, “I dunno, what do you want to do?” – you may think you’re accommodating her by letting her decide. But what she hears is that you don’t care enough to make a plan! So, make a plan. In fact, make TWO! Experts say give your date a choice between two options, including something traditional, like dinner – and something more adventurous, like a wall-climbing lesson!
  • “What do you do for work?” This may sound like an attempt to assess your income level, but experts say it’s really how women assess your values! That’s because your job says something about your ambition, drive, and intelligence. And women use those traits to guess your potential for commitment. In other words, they’ll be more impressed to hear you say you have a job you love – no matter how much or little you earn – than to hear that you’re always jumping from job-to-job, chasing bigger paychecks.
  • “What’s your type?” Experts say that when a woman asks this, she’s trying to gauge your compatibility. Because if you tell her that she’s your perfect type, she’s going to think she’s just like every other woman you’ve dated – and not very special. And if you reel off a list of “likes” and “dislikes,” you’re going to come across as too picky! That’s why experts say it’s better to focus on key interests you want to share with a partner, while leaving some room for flexibility. So you might say, “I’m looking for someone who likes being active, because it’s a big part of my life. And it would be cool if she could introduce me to some new sports I haven’t tried.”
  • “Wanna split the bill?” According to a new survey, most women will offer to pay on a first date, but half say they’d be “annoyed” if you accepted their offer. Experts say it’s because paying the bill shows that you’re willing to invest in the relationship! So, even if your date argues, say something like this: “No, I’ll get this one, and you can get the next.” That way, she’s thinking less about the bill, and more about the second date.