Is That Job Right For You?

In job listings, there are plenty of confusing buzzwords and phrases. So we’re going to decode those key words, so you know what a company is looking for – and if you fit the bill! These translations come from job search strategist Melanie Denny:

First: What does it mean if a company says it’s a “fast-paced environment?” Denny says that’s frequently code for a heavy workload with deadlines to meet. And it typically means keeping up is crucial for keeping the job.

Next: A lot of job listings say they want someone who’s a “self-starter.” Denny says that usually means you’ll get limited training, and need to come in ready to hit the ground running – and come up with solutions on your own.

Finally, what should you make of a job-description that says it’s looking for a “ninja,” “rockstar,” “jedi,” or “unicorn?” Denny says vague superstar titles may indicate that the company doesn’t actually know what they want. But they generally mean the company expects you to know – and do – a lot of different things that don’t neatly fit into one category. So you’ll need to be flexible.