Make Your Home A Stress-Free Zone!

One way to help promote good mental health is to use interior design to feel calmer, safer, and more supported! So, here are some evidence-based design tips from Cornell’s College of Human Ecology:

First, focus on your view. Of course, we’d all love to gaze out our windows at majestic mountains or ocean landscapes, which are proven to calm the mind and lower cortisol levels. But the fact is, ANY exposure to nature is helpful… even if it’s just a potted plant in the corner. And whenever possible, fill your environment with plants like rosemary and lavender, whose scents promote relaxation.

Also, when it comes to your bedroom, the rule is: The quieter the better. For example: Most new hospitals have strict limitations on medical equipment in patient rooms, since the extra lights and beeping noises add stress that delays healing. So, take the same approach in your bedroom, by making it a strict no gadget zone!

And mental health experts recommend having smaller bedrooms and larger communal rooms. The thinking is your bedroom should provide quiet sanctuary when you need it, but it shouldn’t be so cozy that you stay there and avoid life!