Mankato Couple Arrested For Having Sex In Walmart Parking Lot

You know what they say, there’s nowhere in the world that’s more EROTIC than a Walmart parking lot. The cops in Mankato a got a call on Saturday around 9:15 P.M. about a couple who appeared to be getting-it-on in their van in a Walmart parking lot. And when the cops got there, the van was a-rockin’ . . . but they went a-knockin’ anyway. And they found a 32-year-old woman named Shantell Nei in the driver’s seat with her pants down, and her 32-year-old husband Frank Nei leaning over from the passenger seat performing sexual favors. Oh, and his pants were down too.

Now here’s a twist: Even though Frank and Shantell are married, they’ve had a lot of problems . . . and Shantell even has a court order that bans Frank from having any contact with her. So I guess this was their way of reconciling? Anyway, they were both arrested for indecent exposure. Shantell is also facing a charge for impaired driving, and Frank is facing a charge for violating the court order.

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