(Mankato, MN) – Several Mankato businesses are “rounding up” to help a local family as they deal with tremendous challenges.

Jessica Reedstrom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016.  She underwent 20 weeks of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, radiation, and reconstruction surgery.

Then in August, she delivered devastating news to her friends and family.  Reedstrom disclosed that her breast cancer was back.  But this time, it had spread to her liver and bones and was now a stage 4.  Reedstrom called the cancer “very aggressive, and also incurable.”

As Reedstrom prepares for a treatment plan and her family prepares for a life change, they’ll see some help from friends and businesses in Mankato.

Through Friday, several area restaurants will give customers the opportunity to “Round-Up for the Reedstroms,” where 100% of the rounded bill will go to the Reedstroms to help with expenses and memory-making.

Tuesday, September 10th – Flask & Tav on the Ave
Wednesday, September 11th – Tav on the Ave
Thursday, September 12th – 3rd Street Tavern & Tav on the Ave
Friday, September 13th – Number 4 and Tav on the Ave

Tav on the Ave will also hold a silent auction on Wednesday, September 11th to raise money for the family.

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