Mapleton Man Charged With Spiking Woman’s Drink With Meth

A 27-year-old man from Mapleton stands accused of spiking a woman’s drink with methamphetamine, apparently to get her in the mood.

Taylor Mitchel Spence is charged with a felony of “adulterate substance-capable of causing death/harm.”

According to the complaint, police were called on October 24th by the woman, who was crying hysterically and hyperventilating and told them that Spence had put meth in her Gatorade. The woman said he did it so she’d unwillingly get high and “they could have sex.”

At the suggestion of police, the woman willingly went to the hospital for a drug screen and the test was positive for methamphetamine. Police also noted that the next day she still “could not sit still and was twitching constantly.”

The woman also told police that she believed that Spence had done this before as well, secretly putting meth in her beer.

Police say Spence admitted to using meth, but denied putting any in the woman’s drink.

Spence is due to be arraigned in Blue Earth County District Court on December 18th.


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