Move Over Pizza And Pasta, There’s A New Fave Food In Town

Italian food was long the favorite food of many Americans, but it seems that, these days, people are craving Latin American cuisine. According to an analysis by Datassential, Latin-inspired foods are taking over restaurant menus, with Asian food close behind. “When we work with [restaurant] clients, if they’re going to ask about what flavors to put on the menu, it’s probably going to be Latin,” says Datassential “trendologist” Mike Kostyo. “And if it’s not that, it’s probably going to be Asian.” According to Kostyo, Millennials were “the first generation to actually prefer Mexican cuisine over Italian cuisine.” And Gen Z is “the first generation to prefer both Mexican and Chinese cuisine over Italian cuisine.” As Kostyo told Axios, “Previously, you had spaghetti or pizza on the menu as go-to comfort food. Now you’re probably going to put a taco on the menu.”