National Hit ‘Pregnancy Pizza’ Induces Labor for 64 Mothers

You could call the Buffalo Wing Pie at Hawthorne’s Pizza ‘the mother of all pizzas’ but there’s actually something special about the pie which is turning pizza lovers into mothers.

It’s a different kind of delivery. No, not Digiorno, or the kind you pay for at your doorstep. NBC Charlotte has told you about it before, now moms swear by it.

It’s labor-inducing pizza. Formerly known as Buffalo Wing Pie, it’s now known as the ‘Labor Inducer.’ 

“We’re getting requests from as far as Texas, Seattle, and Maine to send us a pizza,” exclaimed Chad Warren, the regional director of Hawthorne’s holding group. “We use the finest ingredients, the most expensive cheese you can buy.”

It’s delicious, New York pizza that you can only find in the Charlotte area with eight local locations but the ‘labor inducer’ has gone national due to the amount of women who have taken a slice of the pie.

“Today we have 64 confirmed mothers who say it has worked for them,” said Warren, who based the slicing statistic from a tally that was started back in March.

To have your labor ‘induced by pizza,’ a mom must eat a piece of pizza 72 hours before to going into labor. Since they started counting, that’s an average of one baby every 2.9 days!

“Believe me, a lot of folks have been asking for the ingredients,” said Warren.

It’s pretty incredible, Doctors have even written pizza prescriptions!

“It seems like a week can’t go by without us hearing somebody has had another baby,” said Tyler Bassett with Hawthorne’s Pizza.

“It’s been a very humbling experience to see that people have credited us with bringing new members of their family into this world.”

Tyler is the man with all the answers, so NBC Charlotte reporter Evan West asked him the sizzling question everyone wants to know.

“What is the secret sauce?”

“Uhh, that is going to be kept under the lock and key,” replied Bassett.

Touche, Tyler.

If you are pregnant, then there’s more to just eating the ‘Labor Inducer.’ Hawthorne’s is giving Mom’s a $100 gift card and a Hawthorne’s onesie if you post a photo of the baby with mom.




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