Thursday afternoon’s tornado touch-down between Redwood Falls and Wabasso was captured by photographer Joy Brandt.

(Mankato, MN) – Three tornadoes touched down in southern Minnesota during violent storms last Thursday, the National Weather Service confirmed.

The first report came just after 5 p.m. when a firefighter observed a funnel cloud moving over their home near Bellview in Redwood County.  Tree and structural damage prompted a resident near Clements to make a second report about 25 minutes after the first.   NWS rate the twister as an EF-1.

Two other tornadoes, both rated EF-0, were also confirmed.  One was in Brown County, about two miles south of Leavenworth, while a second occurred in northern Watonwan County, about a half-mile south of Godahl.

NWS also received several reports of wind damage and large hail.


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