New Fast Food Trend–Kiosks That Know Your Order Before You D0

Wahlburgers is rolling out a new concept that uses facial recognition technology to encourage you to make the choices their ordering kiosks want. When you walk up to the machines, they scan you to determine your gender, then give you a menu based on what you’re “supposed” to want. So that probably means men get burgers and women get salads — how messed up is that?

Chain co-founder Mark Wahlberg is also part-owner of Raydiant, the company that makes the kiosks, and says it wants to make burger joints “more enthralling and more akin to the Internet.” The idea of a “ladies’ menu” in 2022 is pretty hilarious — almost as hilarious as a long-haired dude-bro smacking a machine because he’s annoyed at a menu full of salads and short on super-sized burgers.

Source: Bon Appetit