It’s Not a Tumor…Oh Wait, Yes It Is

A Pennsylvania woman is nearly 200 pounds lighter after doctors made an unbelievable discovery.  71-year-old Mary Clancy couldn’t understand why, no matter how she dieted, she just couldn’t lose any weight. Finally, she visited her doctor who explained that no amount of dieting would work for her. Her weight wasn’t the result of too many donuts and burgers — it was because of a 140-pound cyst in her abdomen.  Clancy just assumed she’d grown a pot belly over the course of about 16 years. She says, “I was so shocked when they told me. The first thing I thought was Sigourney Weaver with the Alien. I was so scared. I thought, what could this be then?”  Doctors operated on her to remove the cyst as well as 40 pounds of excess skin. In just a few hours, she went from more than 300 pounds to 150 pounds.



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