ALBANY, Minn. (AP) — Officials are monitoring a farm near Holdingford where around 20,000 gallons of liquid manure leaked from an above-ground storage tank.

The Stearns County sheriff’s office says the farmer, Mark Leukam, of Albany, reported Wednesday that he had a manure leak from a tank that holds 400,000 gallons.

An estimated 20,000 gallons leaked out and drained into a low area, which contains an intermittent stream that flows through several miles of swampy area before connecting with a creek.

The leak was eventually stopped with a temporary fix. A trench and dirt berm were dug to contain any future leaks until the tank can be fixed.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will continue to monitor the spill and pumping efforts, and work with the farm owner to mitigate the impact.

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