Pandemic: Bad For Our Weight

The coronavirus is bad for our waistlines – but good for our love lives. That’s the upshot of the latest research from Chapman University.

First, let’s talk about the virus’ effect on our weight. Basically, the repercussions of the ongoing pandemic have sent our stress levels through the roof. And, as you know, excess stress makes us hold onto more of the calories we consume. Plus, our diets have gone out the window because we’re just trying to get by. For example, according to Chapman University’s study, 37% of those surveyed say they’re eating more because of all their stress, and 41% are eating more junk food, specifically. And another one-in-three people say they’re exercising less than they did before the pandemic.

But there is a POSITIVE effect of the pandemic. It’s bringing couples closer together. Health psychology professor, Dr. David Frederick, led the research. And he says, of those surveyed, who are in long-term romantic relationships, two out of three say they’re snuggling more and saying “I love you” more now, than before the lockdown. And although one in four couples say they’re arguing more during the pandemic – and equal amount say they’re fighting less! So, for some couples, the silver lining to all this is that they’re connecting more with their partner.