Property Brothers Respond to Rumors Drew Is Leaving the Show

Property Brothers fans can relax — Drew and Jonathan Scott aren’t going anywhere, PEOPLE confirms.

Reports that the HGTV stars and identical twins are parting ways have been popping up in many Facebook users’ feeds. The stories claim realtor Drew is leaving to head up a cosmetics line with fiancée Linda Phan, a message that mimics another recent scam circulating on the social media site that encouraged users to order a sample of a beauty cream created by Joanna Gaines. The reality star swiftly shut down the rumors. Now, to the relief of their many followers, the Scott brothers have done the same.

“It’s a funny thing because they have those fake stories that came out about Fixer Upper and then about us,” Drew tells PEOPLE at the Google and Chase Search for Home Snapshot panel. “Somebody out there is just trying to create gossip.”

Contractor Jonathan is more upset that the story assumes he isn’t the beauty expert of the duo and is decidedly less concerned with the idea of Drew leaving him in the lurch.

“What I want to know is why don’t people create fake stories about me having a skin care line?” he jokes, adding that his expertise makes him more of a fit for the industry. “Sawdust dries out the skin, so it would make sense.”

Jonathan’s final thought on the matter may sum up their feelings best: “It’s always fascinating to see that people have a lot of time on their hands.”




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