(Faribault, MN) – Phone scams have plagued the region regularly, and Rice County is no exception.

Sheriff Troy Dunn said in a press release Wednesday that police are receiving a number of complaints from residents wgetting calls from scammers claiming to be the sheriff’s office.

“They state that you failed to appear for jury duty and the judge has issued a warrant for your arrest,” the sheriff says in his release. “They then offer you the opportunity to pay your fine or bail over the phone by giving them a credit card number or a bank account number.”

The scammers are clever, and use former and current staff and judge’s names during the calls.

“THIS IS A HOAX,” Dunn’s release emphasizes.  He says his department would never offer a fine or bail to be paid over the phone.  “The caller ID being used is a valid non-emergency phone number, but the call-back number is a different number,” the release says.

The sheriff’s office warns residents not to give personal information over the phone, and to confirm with police about whether any business with law enforcement is legit.

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