Super Bowl Viewers Agree: Michael Buble’s Ad Was The Funniest

The Super Bowl is the time when companies shoot for the moon with over-the-top ads made to shock and awe, tug at your heartstrings or make you laugh.  It takes a very special spot to break through the clutter…but that’s just what Michael Bublé managed to do.

Ace Metrix, which measures the impact of video advertising, announced its list of standout Super Bowl ads based on ratings by more than 500 viewers nationwide. Michael starred in Pepsi’s ad for its sparkling water, bubly, and it was rated the funniest commercial of the entire Super Bowl.

If you didn’t catch it, the entire ad was based on the concept that Michael’s convinced the beverage is pronounced like his last name, and everyone else is saying it incorrectly. It ends with him on the floor of a store, using a Sharpie to scrawl an accented “E” over the “y” on cans of bubly.

The ad that came in second, by the way, was the NFL’s “100 Year Game,” which featured dozens of former NFL pros attending a banquet, when suddenly, a football game breaks out.

Michael’s Pepsi spot was also named the “Most Ingenious,” which means viewers found the ad to be clever, the product to be innovative, or both.

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