Hearings have been set for later this month for three people arrested with drugs, guns, and explosives in Danube last week.

Michael Voelz, age 45, is charged with four drug-related crimes, including possession of drugs with a child present. His next court appearance is set for September 17th.

Marie Letourneau, age 32, faces three drug charges and a weapons charge and her next court appearance is September 23rd.

A third person, an unidentified man from Belgrade, was also arrested during the raid last Wednesday at the home on Highway 212 in Danube, and has a hearing set for September 24th on gross misdemeanor drug possession charges.

In the home, officers found near one-and-a-half pounds of meth, hallucinogenic mushrooms, several weapons including a pistol with a silencer, and a pipe bomb which was detonated by the Bloomington Bomb Squad.

A 3-year-old boy was also found in the house and was taken into protective custody by Renville County Family Services.

Source: KLGR, Redwood Falls

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