(Le Center, MN) – An eighteen-year-old man is facing criminal charges, accused of a drive-by shooting in Waterville.

Hunter Storm Kleeberger, no permanent address, was charged in Le Sueur County Court with felony counts drive-by shooting and second-degree assault.

According to the criminal complaint, Kleeberger shot a 42-year-old man with a BB gun Sunday on the 200 block of Main Street East.  Responding police found the man screaming and upset, with two bleeding puncture wounds.

The shooting victim told police he had heard Kleeberger mumbling something as he drove by, so he responded by calling Kleeberger a “nark.”  The two argued before Kleeberger pulled out a gun and fired at the man, according to the complaint.

Kleeberger admitted he’d shot the man and told police that he’d stashed the BB gun behind a portable toilet, which was located on school grounds.  Police later recovered the weapon.

Surveillance audio revealed to police that seven shots had been fired.

The victim was taken to the Waseca Hospital for evaluation of his wounds and was advised the BB’s would need to be surgically removed.

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